The Big Buddha | Phuket, Thailand

November 25, 2015

High on the peak of Mount Nagakerd, with 360 degree views of the south end of Phuket, is home to the Big Buddha. The road to the top of the hill is a 6 kilometre climb on a steep and winding road.


When you reach the site and before making the short climb to the peak, you have the chance to leave a mark on this spiritual place. For 300THB you can purchase a small marble tile. You are then given a permanent marker to write a message or sign your name. The tile, along with your message, will one day be used in finishing the construction. Large tiles can also be purchased for 1,000THB.


The base of the statue it is actually quite peaceful. Away from the noise of the construction you can hear the chime of hundreds of golden bells, ringing in the gentle breeze, carrying messages from people around the world. These are also available in exchange for a  donation.



The Buddha itself is 25 metres wide and 45 metres tall, adorned with gorgeous Burmese white jade marble and weighing approximately 135 tons. The marble is stunning, shining beautifully in the sun – proving this is the perfect spot for this amazing statue to watch over the people of Phuket.


Entry to the Buddha is free. Out of respect, shoulders are to be covered and skirts and shorts should touch the knee. You can borrow a sarong, free of charge, before entering but it’s polite to leave a small donation when returning it.


The construction is ongoing and relies primarily on donations – so why not buy a tile or bell and help with the construction. Leave a piece of you in a spiritual and magical place – forever!


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