Bunker | Wellington, New Zealand

September 1, 2015

High in the hills surrounding Wellington, tucked away slightly off the beaten track, you can find the remains of one of the World War II Heavy Anti-aircraft Artillery batteries. The role of the Heavy Anti-aircraft Artillery (HAA) guns was to defend against enemy airborne threat. The batteries were constructed from mid 1942 to early 1943 and manned from January 1943 to September 1944 – but luckily did not have to go into action.


There were another twenty-one HAA batteries built at other locations around New Zealand but of the six built in Wellington, only 3 of those remain. The other two are located on Matiu/Somes Island and Point Halswell in the Greater Wellington Region. Each HAA had a crew of 10-12 men and were equipped with 10 ton, 3.7” calibre guns firing 10-12 rounds per minute.


Today, these abandoned and graffitied structures is one of my personal favourite spots in Wellington, and is definitely the best seat in the house. It is a great spot to take a little something to snack on and soak up the amazing unspoilt view of Wellington.


I’m proud to call this my home!



The Brunette




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