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Hi, I'm Angela, the Brunette!

What’s my story?  Well, the short version…

I was born and lived in beautiful New Zealand for 22 years. My Dad is Irish and my Mum half Kiwi, half Indonesian - I'm what you might call a 'Liquorice Allsort'! 

My travel addiction began when I left the comfort of home on my first ever international adventure to France with my high school French class. In the three short weeks of travelling through France I fell completely head-over-heels in love. There was no French man in sight, I  had fallen in love with the country, the food, the sights but most importantly, I fell in love with the idea that I could continue to travel and experience more of this world.

I returned home and immediately started planning the next adventure and it wasn't long before I was back in Europe. The more I travelled, the more in love I fell - the travel bug had bitten me and I knew it was completely incurable!

As great as New Zealand is, when I returned home again it just felt too small for me, I needed a change. I got itchy feet almost instantly so decided to try living in a different country. Okay, so I didn't go far - just across the ditch to Australia where I have lived for the last 9 years.

Since my first trip I have travelled to some of the most amazing places throughout Asia Pacific, United Kingdom, Europe, South America and North America. I have had so many great experiences and met some of the most amazing people, but have never documented my travels.

So I started this blog. To share some stories, to inspire and entertain. To show that you don't need millions of dollars to travel, that life is too short to not take chances, try new things and even get wonderfully lost. In taking those chances I have learnt that life truly does start at the end of your comfort zone. 

So in a nut shell, that’s me. Another victim to the travel bug. I know I have only just started sharing my life of exciting adventures, so sit back, have a read and enjoy. As I blog about my travels I hope to entertain, inspire and hopefully infect a few of you with my wanderlust - it’s not painful, I promise!

Enjoy x


Kiwi girl - Living in Aus - Travelling the world

Hi, I'm Angela, the Brunette!


Welcome to The Brunette Travels. A travel blog where I share adventures, experiences, food and culture in hope to inspire likeminded wanderlusters to travel!


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About Me
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